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Sunday, 5 March 2017

APNs Certificate already Expired if Renew and Upload to SCCM Hybrid mode, Any Impacts to existing users?

Background: We use Office 365 and EMS E3 with Intune subscription integrated with SCCM 2012 (Hybrid). The certificate had been expired for 5 days, which prevented devices from enrolling and I worry is there is any impact on my existing IOS Devices ,do I need to re-enroled all the ios devices ?
  1. If I  using existing apple ID and renew APNs. Will I still need to re-enrolled all the ios devices?  
  2. If yes, request re-enrolled all devices what is the user experience look like?  Will Apple IOS Devices Getting error or prompt for notifications from company Portal?  I’m doing research and found technet link at below, From Technet and Mvp answered is require Re-enrolled for All IOS Devices.
Refer to TechNet and links below:-
  1. But, I found in Technet Forum, one of the guys DanielK8507, he said after renewing and uploading the certificate with the same apple id, I will not need to re-enroll all the IOS devices. Now I really confuse. seeking help if anyone have experience this before and I need the answer .Thanks.

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  1. No Impact existing users and no require to re-enrolled the long as you using same apple id.